Friday, June 18, 2010

Week 2 with my 14 boys

This past week.... wow lots of things have happened. I found out one of my favorite people on the entire planet is going to fly here next week to stay for 20 days or so to help me 24 hours a day. She's in for a treat hahaha. This is obviously incredibly encouraging seeing as i'll be mom to 14 boys for another several weeks. It takes an army. They have so much need.

Yesterday, we went on a field trip to a big soccer field with a Back2Back visiting group of americans. The boys enjoyed it a lot. I enjoyed getting a bit of a break from chasing them myself because other americans could do that for a few hours. We even remembered to put a diaper on my 3 year old when he fell asleep on my lap. Mexico won their world cup game so the whole country of Mexico was in a great mood. It was a great opportunity for me to step back from the group of my 14 boys and be able to remember how much I love each and every one of them INDIVIDUALLY. I had enough energy to focus on that. They are each so unique and special and beautiful.

While on this field trip, I realized (or at least I think I realized- not sure yet) that 2 of my 14 boys had lice. So we bought a hair razor and buzzed all of their heads one by one outside when we got home. Then we proceeded to use lice shampoo on all of them while they watched the movie Robots. It was a little crazy but they all thought they looked very handsome with their new hair cuts. Honestly though, I'm not even 100% sure if that's what it was. One of them might just have a fungus on this head. Either way, my boys will not be dealing with this if I can help it. I was thankful we were there this week because honestly, if it was someone else taking care of them - they wouldn't have done anything to treat this. Some things just get overlooked when you have that many things to do at once with no energy and no breaks. and PRAISE GOD that they are BOYS and I can buzz their heads. That makes it much much easier to see in the coming weeks if any of them actually do get lice eggs. I'll get that junk before it gets to ME. I use lice shampoo once a week to make sure I don't get anything. But I dont want them to have it either. They kept asking, "why are we doing this? I just want to take my shower now. Can I be first to take a shower? please? Does someone have lice?" I told them that we were "protecting them" from getting lice and that maybe some of the little girls dorm next door had lice.

This week my sweet friend Sammy who spends most days with me there put on my ipod dock each night at bed time to classical music. Worked like a charm. They calmed down right quick. The first night we did it - we looked around the room in shock that they were actually sleeping without fighting us about it. You gotta celebrate stuff like that.

How I'm doing: I'm not sick anymore. No more fever. And I feel really good. Being mom to 14 kids takes adjusting just like any new job. If you started a new job tomorrow and worked 80 plus hours next week with no breaks... you'd be exhausted too after the first week. But then the 2nd week - you get used to it a little bit. So I don't feel like dying today. However, this is horrible but I'll just come out and say it.... I felt like Kate on Jon & Kate plus 8 a few times this week. I can become really short with people and snappy. I want the kids to be clean and quick breaking things and I'm pulled in 100 different directions at once and then I turn into Kate. BAD.

More updates later. I have some photos to post and updates on how the boys are changing a bit.

Thank you for your prayers for the boys.

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Sammy said...

I love that we are getting to do this together... i love that we are getting to be a part of the Lord liberating these children and lavishing them with love and watching their hearts change. SO great.