Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mid-way through week 2

Today I feel really encouraged. Some of the B2B staff came yesterday to help me bathe and put the kids into bed. It takes an army to get that done without anyone breaking a bone or killing someone.

I also got 2 hours off to go to dinner and eat a salad last night. That really refreshed me.

I've been very aware the last 48 hours of how much the enemy wants me to be tired and annoyed and short tempered with my special needs kiddos. This is a battle. And if you know me decently well, you'd know that I dont take crap from anyone. If it's a battle - I fight. So I'm fighting. Pray for me. Pray for my ability to remain calm and give each child love, respect and attention even when I'm tired from caring for them 16 insane hours everyday. I got good sleep last night - almost 7 hours. I feel great today.

Yesterday one of 4 year olds starting beating the crap out of his 2 year baby brother. I put him in time out and he proceeded to tell Kurt that he just wanted to kill 2 of his brothers and he didn't like them at all. He later calmed down but this is an example of the kind of anger these kids have at the cards life has dealt them. Nothing is easy for them. Nothing makes sense. They have so much need. And God loves them very very much.

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Josh said...

Praying for God to pour out His strength so that you can be exactly what those children need, and continue the fight against our enemy who wants to hurt them even more.