Friday, June 18, 2010

Warning: This one will break your heart

There are many difficult aspects of caring for 14 special needs abandoned little boys 24 hours a day. Aside of my exhaustion in trying to care for them and keep their dorm clean each day, is the daily heartbreak of the reality of their pain. These kids have been through a lot in their individual pasts. But their present is often full of heartache as well as a result of their abandoned circumstances as you can, I'm sure, imagine.

This week I got to see a drastic example of this in one of my older boys. Tuesday was his birthday. He got a special placemat at lunch and a cup cake and a hat and got to pick out a toy from the birthday bin thanks to a wonderful wonderful volunteer named Kathy who lives here in Monterrey. But he was depressed. I didn't understand. The next day he was also depressed. I guessed it had something to do with his birthday. I noticed that no family came to visit him and figured that must be why he's upset. I found out 2 days after his birthday that his mom had actually come the day after his birthday to visit. Except - she didnt visit with him... only his older brother and his friend!!! If that's not horrible, I don't know what is. He's been depressed and crying all week and I finally learned why. Explains a lot.

Pray for my little man.

He actually woke up FIRST today and was the FIRST to get out of bed at 6 am to get dressed for school. I was so so so proud of him and made a HUGE deal out of it. This entire week I've had to dress him in bed and carry him to the dining hall or carry him to school. Poor guy... he's depressed. But he sure is cute and photographs beautifully.

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Hannah said...

C, this breaks my heart. Can you point him out to me tomorrow so I can tell him a late happy birthday....I have a really similar story that Juany told me the other day, it broke my heart, I'll blog about it