Saturday, June 12, 2010

Week 2 begins

Week 2 begins tomorrow for me and my 14 boys.

Please pray for patience, moments that would feel like "rest" while caring for 14 at once, good sleep at night, for good conversations with my boys, for help when I need it the most, for good transitions from different activities throughout the day, that i'd get enough food this week <-- it can be difficult to find time to eat when you are chasing that many kids constantly and for a plan for this weekend and how to care for them. Please pray that the kids would listen to me and be as calm as they can be through their learning disorders, speech impediments, behavioral disorders and anger.

Please pray for my kiddies and that they would feel loved, secure and confident. Pray that they'd know they are loved and wanted and important. Pray that they would have good days at school and that their teachers would have patience with their special needs.

Pray that I would have wisdom and know what to do when things get crazy and that I'd be filled with the joy of the Lord and be reminded of how much God loves each of these children and be able to see them through his eyes. Pray I don't cry. hahaha - yes that did happen last week.

When I think of each of these boys individually, I see hurting and heartbreak. I see all the ways the world has completely failed them and continually let them down. The only person or event that will ever help these kids is the God intervening in their lives and pursuing them like I know He is. God is moving. We begged him to in prayer and I'm seeing it happen right before my very eyes. He can heal these kids. He can fill their empty hearts. He can do it. He's the father to the fatherless.

here are a few photos of a few of my boys when they are being super good -->

this is sammy with one of our boys - she was one of the interns who spent the week with me. she's an awesome mom to 14 if there ever was one

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