Monday, June 14, 2010

Living at Douglas - day 8

If not sleeping ever is the sign of being a good mom - call me awesome.

Yesterday I had a fever and it's like 100 degrees so that was fun.

I feel better today although I didnt really sleep last night and I slept in my contacts. yay.

But it's fine. The boys are listening to me more this week than last.

A sweet friend who lives here in Monterrey brought me some great things that I needed - 2 new pillows for the boys, some prizes for good behavior and some great movies. We watched Robots last night and the boys didnt move for 2 hours. Praise God. In fact, it was such a hit that kids from other dorms came over to watch it too <-- that's how I know I'm cool. hahah

Funny Story: So last night during shower time, my 4 year old walks in all nakie and yells IN ENGLISH, "YOU WANNA A PIECE OF ME?!!? I PEE AND POO IN MY PANTS!" I couldnt keep a straight face to save my life. Then he proceeded to make up a song with the words in english, "you wanna a piece of me." Whatever american taught him that yesterday is going down. hahaha.

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