Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Casa Hogar Douglas Baptisms

14 of the older children who call Casa Hogar Douglas home were baptized last night in one of the Back2Back pools along with one caregiver and 3 neighbors by the pastor of the Douglas church - Javier.  Deyanira, Rubi, Bety, Alondra, Roberto, Tonio, Fabian, Luis, Alexis, Kevin, Daniel, Magali, Lolita, and Ramon were baptized in front of about 200 witnesses. 

 Above is Roberto who is the oldest of 4.  When he grows up, he says that he wants to be a pastor so he can tell everyone about Christ.  Witnessing his baptism was probably one of the greatest joys of my life.  Roberto, God has bigs plans for you.

In the above photo is Fabian who I believe has a smile on his face 24 hours out of the day.  

Above is Alexis who has lived at Douglas since he was about 4 feet tall so Javier joked about how huge he is now.  

The woman pictured above is the caregiver for the youngest girls dorm at Douglas and also the mother of 3 children who have called Douglas home for the past 5 years.  God reunited her with her children recently and she wanted to make a public affirmation of faith last night.

Almost all of those baptized had taken classes for the past few weeks on the meaning of baptism and had decided that they were individually ready to take this step of faith.  God really showed off last night.

Every child from Douglas came to watch those who wanted to be baptized.  God promises to hear us when we cry out to Him and He says that those who are led by the Holy Spirit are adopted spiritually as his sons and daughters to receive Christ's inheritance. Anyone choosing to accept God as their father is incredible but witnessing earthly orphans recognize their heavenly Father is about as beautiful as it gets.

Greater things are yet to come.  God bring your Holy Spirit to Casa Hogar Douglas.  Reign in that place.  Bring your light.  Bring your truth.  Bring your justice.  Bring your hope Jesus.  We invite you.  We need you.  Thank you Jesus for taking our place on the cross.  Thank you God for adopting us.

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