Sunday, July 3, 2011


Admittedly I've been very hard on Israel this past year. He is the oldest of 4 brothers. He is the smartest child from the little boys dorm. He usually gets first place for best grades out of his entire 2nd grade at school. He is capable of a lot. It took me a few months to realize how much I was demanding of him - to be the most respectful, to be helpful with his brothers, to be an example in his attitude, to do his chores, to excel in school, and to behave well. Things that I would let others his age get away with would drive me nuts with Israel and I have always been sure to let him know that. Maybe that's "normal" for parents to expect a little more out of the oldest child? Well, once this was brought to my attention, I started to ease up on the sweet boy and to be extremely purposeful about connecting with him and being playful with him. Honestly, I know it's helped a lot. He so desperately seeks my approval, attention and affection. If he can't earn it through good behavior, he tries to demand it through bad behavior. He's not stupid - none of these boys are. I am fully aware of how much I love Israel and his sibling set but none of that matters if he can't feel it and hear it daily. This sweet child has been through so much and carried burdens that no child should ever be asked to carry. He's a little boy - someone should be carrying him.

right before they attacked me with their noise maker sticks

feeding some zebras
right before he lost his first tooth

Israel - I am so proud of you. I am so proud of how responsible you are and how you almost always take everything like a man. This life hasn't dealt you any easy cards but you keep on making lemonade out of all those lemons. I'm confident that many crowns await you in heaven for the way you have literally carried your youngest brother and comforted him at all hours of the day. I pray that God will keep placing people in your life to father you and carry your burdens. You are a gifted child and although some of us adults make fun of the way you take charge of every situation by calling you "everyone's lawyer," that's just how God made you. You'd make an incredible lawyer someday or CEO of a big company. In the meantime, I greatly appreciate how you are the ONLY child who doesn't "accidentally" send text messages from my phone to random B2B staffers when I let you boys borrow my cell phone after bath time to play the pinball game. I love you with my entire being.

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tabitha. said...

sweetheart you are a gem and a blessing with beauty that emanates from within. may God keep you and the little men, they are sooooooooo cute.