Saturday, July 2, 2011


Oh sweet Alexis... this child is precious. He has more energy than he or anyone else knows what to do with. He's super silly, helpful, thankful, crazy, loud, energetic, and affectionate. I love this child so very much. He has a twin sister - Alexia. They are rather different though but sure look alike.

Look at that smile. You melt a little don't you? Yeah, he's a beautiful boy.

Because Alexis has a lot of energy, he sometimes... well - all the time - struggles to sit still and do his homework. We've worked really hard this year to keep him on track and he's put in a lot of effort. In the photo - left to right is Luis, Alexia and Alexis at McDonalds one friday night when we celebrated how hard they had been working on their homework.

If a picture is worth a thousand words - I think the above picture is worth a thousand prayers. This is Alexis' family. His mom came back for her kids this year and she moved into Casa Hogar Douglas this spring to live with her children. I was with Alexis the afternoon he found out that his mom was going to move into the children's home to be with him. I'm not sure there are words to describe what an abandoned child's face looks like when they hear that Mom is coming back so I won't try - you can imagine that one on your own - pure elation and relief and excitement, justice, JOY. Making the shift from abandoned child to staff kid is pretty incredible. I praise God every single day that Alexis gets to live with his mom now. This is a victory - a HUGE one! God is the King of Glory and he will have his glory at Douglas. I want to believe that I'm just beginning to see it on full display over there...

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