Friday, July 22, 2011


Just to recap incase you are joining us “late” – I’m posting about each of the 14 boys who I lived with last summer and giving praise where praise is due for everything God has done in the past year on behalf of my little men. David is the 13th post in this "series" that I started in June. After David, I have one more post to go – but the thought of posting this last one literally brings me to tears so I’m taking my sweet time getting there… soon.

David has got to be one of the most beautiful little boys that I have ever seen – period. When that child smiles, the sparkle in his eye could light up the room. Even when I’m mad at him for something, that boy’s smile can change everything. I think he knows that and is starting to use it to gain favor but for now, I’m okay with that. He is in every way – BOY. He loves cars, punching things, wrestling, throwing himself on the ground, jumping, riding his bike, looking for bugs, hiding from me, swimming, pretending to swim on the shower floor if he can manage to stop up the drain enough to make a 1 inch “pool.” He also likes puzzles but he insists that I tell him where to put each piece.

He has 3 names:

1. 1. David

2. 2. Pollo Yon – b/c he looks like the fat bellied chicken for some fast food place here in Mexico. Every child at Douglas refers to him as “pollo.” If the kid knew how to write, I’m pretty sure that’s what he’d put on his papers in the space that says “Name: _______________”

3. 3. The Beautiful One – I gave him that one

He is the youngest boy at Douglas and also the smallest. He is so tiny for a child who is going to turn 4 years old in September that you naturally just want to pick him up and hold him. That’s how he prefers it so things seem to work out nicely for him. When you don’t feel like picking him up, he throws himself on the ground and throws a fit until you do. I spent almost every waking minute with him on my hip last summer. Try hanging the wet laundry for 75 kids on clothes lines outside with a 3 year old clinging to you. Well… I’d usually just make him sit right next to the trash can full of laundry while I got to work on it – he’d be screaming or crying or trying his best to protest that I was focusing on something else.

This past year, God gave David caregivers who love him and have welcomed him into their family within the children’s home. He has been attaching to these caregivers all year. I’m now more like David’s “aunt” and I love that. I can’t tell you how many times I have prayed in the last 2 years for God to send people who would love these boys like I would – and he answered. I am so grateful – you have no idea. God is not going to leave them or forsake them. Your prayers are so important. Keep them coming. I know He is listening. The same power that raised Christ from the dead lives in us – exercise some of that power this week will you? Say a prayer for the orphan child today.

David almost doubled in size, started pre-school, can count to 3 now - for a while it was just, "one... THREE!!!" the 2 didn't exist yet. He was potty trained and started talking. He went from saying literally just a few words to full blown paragraphs. He doesn't conjugate his verbs correctly all the time and he talks with a really deep and loud voice to make sure you hear him.

David you bring JOY into my life. You are too little to know it yet but when you throw fits and refuse to go to sleep, I often pray you to sleep in my arms. I ask God to form you into a leader of men who will preach God’s word with boldness. I pray that God fills the voids and scars in your heart from your abandonment with the only thing that can truly satisfy – himself - his Spirit.

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