Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fields of Grace

This week, I'm in America. Yesterday, the thrill of my day was shopping for my boys in Walmart. I bought 8 new DVDs for them and some fake converse shoes which they think are the absolute coolest. I miss them. Go figure. Today in church, we sang the song about "dancing with my Father God in fields of grace." I thought about the lyrics as we sang and all I could think about was what do "fields of grace" look like? What does that mean? There is a book about orphans titled "fields of the Fatherless." And then I thought about my fatherless little guys and all the many hours I have spent in the fields, literally, with them trying my best to give them grace when I'm exhausted, in pain, hungry, thirsty and annoyed. If you'd like to "dance" with God in some fields where there is much need for extended grace - come on down to the Douglas fields. The lost boys will be there. They like to collect bugs and put them in coke bottles and then release them inside my dorm when I'm not looking and they refuse to not stand in the ant piles.

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Sammy said...

oh you know this is my favorite time of day :)