Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Best kind of Bath Time

Casa Hogar Douglas has found itself without water for the past 2 days. This happens time to time due to power outages or if something big and expensive breaks. Regardless of the cause behind the lack of water, the effects are often stinky in the little boys dorm. So yesterday I offered to bathe whoever they wanted over at the Back2Back property. Of course, they gave me without question the 4 youngest boys who did not need to spend the afternoon doing homework.

These boys need a bath everyday... without question - EVERY day. They literally had dirt all over their sweet little faces. Marcos hit Oziel in the car on the way over and Oziel was very angry. The 4 minute drive from Douglas to the B2B property always feels like an eternity with the little ones in the back - who are SUPER excited, didn't have a nap, and dirty.

my sweet dirt covered Oziel

David (above) knowing exactly where he's going - the B2B pool

DONATION NEEDS: if you live in the Cincinnati area OR are coming down for a trip with B2B anytime this year - we really really need little BOYS swim suits - sizes 2T, 3T, 4T and 5T. It's the end of summer - maybe they are on clearance at Target or walmart or your own kids are out growing them? These children's home kids also think that the sun-guard swim shirts are about the coolest thing on the planet. (we really do NOT need girls suits- we have millions of those for some reason. we have NO boys suits). If you have some and want more specifics in how to get them here - leave me a comment or email me at ceburns@ufl.edu -- GRACIAS

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Sammy said...

first of all... they look so old. how did that happen?? second of all... i love that in the second car picture you can see marcos in the background clearly screaming his head off. i adore them.