Monday, July 5, 2010

The Impact of a B2B Intern

The awkward family photo of the encargada team - Kurt, Sammy, Quin and myself

Back2Back has summer interns each year who serve for either June, July or both months. They sacrifice summer jobs to come and serve behind the scenes to help Back2Back host american teams for 8 weeks straight. They prep early and clean up late. They "give it away" often in regards to interacting with the children in the homes we serve so that the visiting group member can connect with the kids. If anyone around here deserves a crown in heaven - it's our summer interns.

This past month several interns in particular really championed our efforts to take over one dorm at Casa Hogar Douglas. They would come over at 7 am and work all day or work on their days off to be with the kids- help bathe kids and put them to bed. They helped do the laundry for the entire children's home for 3 weeks straight. They did it all. Without their support - I would have quit before week 1 was over. I call them the "dream team."

And perhaps the high light of the entire month I'd say was the 2 hour conversation Kurt had with one of my boys which resulting in this 8 year old praying to receive Christ as his Lord and savior last week. Kurt has a real gifting - well many giftings if I'm honest. But one of them is his ability to block out the craziness around him and focus on the one in front of him. He can focus and have meaningful conversations for hours with one child who was in trouble - talking through how he was feeling, why he acted like he did and what he could do differently next time. Kurt is just a dad. He fathered these children. And he fathered one to realize the void in his heart for a relationship with God. This same child came up to me running on Saturday and told me how sorry he was for his actions. He and Kurt had talked about how that now that he is a Christian - He needs to act like one and realize that there is a difference between Christians and non-Christians. This same 8 year old turns 9 years old this upcoming Saturday. God ALWAYS knows what He is doing.

Kurt, Quin and Sammy - I love you guys. You know that. But now it's public. I'm sorry the storm prevented me from going to Fede or the garage last week. That just means that you all have to come back soon so we can "finish" our unfinished business. Quin - this would include Meme's burgers and potatoes.

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