Friday, July 23, 2010

I moved out of Douglas

The time came about 2 weeks ago for me to move out of Casa Hogar Douglas and transition back to working with our American teams for the rest of the summer. Many of my boys were able to go home for a few weeks of their summer break off school with grandma or their aunt or some their mom - whoever was able to bring them "home" for a bit. During this time, the number of children at Douglas is less and the need for workers also less. Thus, I was able to leave my post as full time care giver.

Leaving them as not exactly been easy for me. The first 2 days away from them, I cried pretty much constantly. I thought I'd be excited to have the opportunity to eat and sleep like a normal person but instead, I just felt like a fish out of water. I've spent these past 2 weeks trying to live in the moment and realize that God has marked my days out for me in advance. He knows what is next for me. He knows what is next for my boys. I've been fixated on Hebrews 12:1 which says, "let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us." God is determining the path and I just need to walk in it. God knows whether or not I will move back in to be with the boys again in August or September. Perhaps, God has someone else in mind for this task.

6 out of my 14 boys have no one to pick them up and they are still at the orphanage. They are now living with another worker at the home until school starts back up again in August. To assist her, I've been going over to Douglas every evening after dinner to bathe the boys, brush their teeth, help with laundry and put a movie on for the kids on my DVD player.

The first week after I left Douglas was not particularly awesome for my 2 year old who made it very clear that he was not fond of the recent care giver changes. He is part of the reason why I've been going over every evening.

On my days off from groups, I've been able to spend some awesome intentional time with 4 of the boys who had no where to go during "vacation." We've had days at the pool, lunch dates, we went to the movie theater to see Shrek 3. My 3 year old decided that he'd rather watch the movie from the floor next to me than to sit in his seat at the movie theater. I didn't argue with him. He's rather feisty and can be incredibly loud in public places. He was super content with his juice, chips and bag of candy that his favorite Caroline brought for him. He screamed with glee when he found 2 bubble gums in his candy bag. Honestly, I think he wouldn't have cared if we went to the movies, so long as I gave him 2 bubble gums. I like to think that I did not waste $20 taking them to movies. The older two at least thought it was an awesome way to spend a rainy day.

gangs all here! at the movies to see Shrek 3

looks like a really bad pop rocks ad don't it? or for dentistry services. yes he has a grill

playing who can drown their brother first

i bought ice cream and cones for douglas for after dinner the other night - and afterwards david could not stop running back and forth, back and forth screaming with joy

perhaps Jose makes a better model than Oziel?


David pulling a stage 5 clinger and me - looking rather ugly haha

a RARE moment when Oziel corporates with anything- here he smiles for a photo with me. except that's not entirely true - he almost never says, "no!" when I ask for a hug.

if i had to display one photo to sum up this kid- this is it right here. I am absolutely obsessed with this little 3 year old about to be 4 years old in 2 months, yelling, bullying, laughing, joyful, bug eating, fist punching, nose picking, snuggle ball. On this day, he didn't really feel like swimming- he mostly wanted to sit to the side and eat chips. This child does what he wants, when he wants... unless it's bath time and then there is no fighting me. I win every time.


Cassie Hallam said...

Hi Caroline! This is Cassie...intern from June, ha ha.
I never really got to tell you just how much I really do admire you for what you've done with these kids.
I know how difficult it was for you...well actually, I'm sure that I only know probably HALF of the difficulties that you faced, but I also see the ways in which you have been rewarded.
I LOVE hearing about you and these kids! It is truly Christ's love shining BRIGHTLY through you. I sadly didn't get the opportunity to know these kids well, but just through you and Sammy and Quin's stories, I have fallen in love with them.
You are in my prayers. Thank you for being a faithful servant. I already see so much good out of what you have done, but I am sure that we won't even begin to know all the good you've done until we reach eternity.
Keep "running the race with perseverance" :)

Hannah said...

C, man, my heart is going out to you right now. I only spent two weeks with the kids in Uganda and I am feeling a major withdrawl. God has got you friend. He had you during the whole time you were at Douglas and will have you in whatever you do in the fall. praying for you!

Kelly K. said...

So moved as I read your blog and thanking God for your compassion for these motherless boys. Praying for you that God will continue to direct you as you love on these little guys at Casa Hogar Douglas. It was a pleasure meeting you while we were with B2B and hearing your passion for the orphan.