Friday, February 21, 2014

You are special

Sammy and I live with 10 boys.  1.5 years ago, when the first boy's birthday came about, Sammy and I discussed what should be our policy for their birthdays.  We thought it was very important that each boy feel special on the calendar day of their birthday - remembered, celebrated, loved and we wanted to include their siblings and parents or family whenever possible.  We decided that whenever one of our boys has a birthday, that the birthday boy gets to pick how we celebrate.  He decides if he wants a pizza party or cake or a lot of ice cream or tacos or burgers - whatever.... the point is - he picks it.  On average, Sammy and I spend maybe $40 a boy.  But I must say... the look on the child's face when they see their cake or open a present is literally priceless.  So I'd like to share a few of those moments that happen to be captured on camera....

This child (above) for the life of him could not fathom that we were going to celebrate his birthday on the actual calendar day of his birthday.  He thought that was crazy and awesome. The night before his birthday, he could not sleep because he was just so excited.  He went to bed singing.  He woke up early.  He was pumped. And when I went to tuck him into his bed on the night of his birthday, he just kept saying, "that was so fun! My birthday was awesome!  Everyone liked my party.  I love my presents." (I gave him a $2 kite.  proof that often it doesn't take much)

Birthday boy wanted burgers.  So I drove to a nearby roadside taco stand (they are in my opinion one of the reasons that Mexico is a fantastic country - the taco stands that is) and picked up about 15 burgers. How's that for cooking?  haha and they of course came with tons of jalapeno peppers much to the boys delight.

In Mexico, it's a tradition that you smash the birthday boy's face into his cake.  We often cut up and serve and eat really smashed cake.  It might not look pretty on your plate but it tastes great. 

And Jose loved it. 

At Casa Hogar Douglas a lot of other caregivers for other dorms do something very similar and it just warms my heart to say, "YES!!" when one of my boys gets invited to his siblings' birthday party.  It's a step in the right direction towards more individualized care and less group celebrations.  

Thank you Back2Back sponsors who send money for your kid's birthday party or send birthday cards.  Those don't get lost, I promise you.  We are grateful for your partnership. 

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