Saturday, November 26, 2011

When they say, "Thank you"

My thoughts this past week revolved around Thanksgiving. I figured that I'd write a post or two about things I'm thankful for.... seemed appropriate. This was my 4th Thanksgiving in a row spent at a Mexican orphanage. I've been blessed for the past 4 years to live outside of the prosperity that I'd grown accustomed to after spending my entire life in a well to do Floridian beach community. Living in Mexico has really opened my eyes to some many things that I've taken for granted - like clean water, electricity, education, public safety, and my family. But tucking my boys in last night left such a big impact on me that I've decided to share about that instead...

My boys in the orphanage where I work say, "thank you," from time to time. Sometimes they say it because I've refused to serve them juice in the dining hall unless they use the special, "please" and "thank you" words. Other times it's because I've brought them some fruit from my fridge for a snack. But last night, one of the boys really caught me off guard with his simple words of gratitude.

All I did was tuck him into his bed last night. I had made up his bed with some clean sheets and helped the little man get under his covers. He seemed kind of surprised by the act and looked me straight in the eye and just said, "thank you." It was as if he was saying, "you didn't need to do that for me."

Of course I told him, "you're welcome. Would you like to pray before you fall asleep?" He agreed and we prayed.

There is just something altogether not right when an 8 year old thanks someone for tucking him into bed. When did I ever thank my mother for tucking me in?

I'm learning a lot these days about how our heavenly Father delights in us as his children. I'm learning more about what that means - because I sincerely delight in the presence of these precious children. I think that's how God must feel when He thinks of us. I hope and pray everyday that these little ones will feel loved - that they'll feel wanted and cared for and payed attention to enough - and some for the first time in their lives - to feel loved enough here on this earth to be able to believe and see how much their heavenly Father adores them. He created each one and made each one perfect. I guess for now, that is why I'm here. That's why I work the hours that I do. That's why I serve these kids. At the end of the day, if my boys feel loved then I guess I've succeeded in something.

God you so passionately love and adore each one of my boys. It is so clear and obvious to see the ways that you provide for them, fight for them and hurt for them. I pray that in this Christmas season, in and amongst all the gifts that they'll receive, that they'd feel loved by the people who matter most - to help them understand and be able to feel how much you love them. At the end of the day, that's all that really matters.

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Jim and Betty said...

Amen!.....and "Thank you!"