Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Time to just pray

This morning, like every Tuesday morning, I had the privilege of getting the little boys from Douglas out of their beds and ready for school. Sammy has been going with me for months now to help the inevitable craziness of trying to provide quality care in the institutionalized environment that these boys call home. After the boys' breakfast though, we got to talking about one boy in particular. And if I'm honest with you, which I will be... I'm completely sick of the lack of forward movement for this little man. I'm fed up. I'm over it. I want action on his behalf and I want it now.

Wouldn't it be a shame if this beautiful little child stayed in an orphanage for the next 10 years of his life? I believe it would be. Would you join me in praying for him? Would you pray that the government would produce a "real" birth certificate.... apparently the one he got last year from the pre-school is a fake and has the wrong birthday. He's already spent 4 years in an orphanage without a birth certificate and without a family and without any forward progress from social services. God is the only one here who can change his cards. Let's pray this little man into a family.

Perhaps this Christmas season we could give little Alex a gift - prayers for a hope of a brighter future. God please send heavenly angels to fight on his behalf in the heavenly realms. Join me. It's time to fight.

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R.B. said...

praying for this little man :)