Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Candlelight Service at Douglas Church

This week, we have a really fun group of women serving with us here in Monterrey to celebrate Christmas with the children in the orphanages. They bake cookies, help the kids make ornaments, decorate christmas trees, sing Christmas carols, put up christmas lights, watch christmas movies, and they bring a lot of presents. Basically, they are santa's elves. And our LDM building becomes "Santa's Workshop" for a week. It's a total blast for everyone involved.

But this year at Douglas, after dinner, presents, decorating cookies and ornaments we went up to the church to have a time of carols and some worship.

Then they gave every single child a candle and we sang silent night in english and spanish.

My little man, Oziel who is 5 years old said it best, "Caroline!! Look!! Look around Caroline!! It's so beautiful!!" It was definitely a first for the Douglas church. All the workers were so nervous. But the kids loved it. It was beautiful.

And we didn't burn the place down - total miracle.

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