Friday, September 10, 2010

My Frog Princes

It's the rainy season now here in Monterrey and all this rain is producing a ton of frogs for my sweet boys to seek out, find, trap, hold, throw, and put in their pockets. At 6 am the other day, I was getting 10 of the boys ready for breakfast and school. One of the boys had gone to his drawer and pulled out 3 dead frogs and placed them strategically in a row in the changing room on the counter so I'd find them and freak out. It worked.

Gustavo with a mom and a baby frog

Jose and Luis ran around all afternoon with these 2 frogs to give everyone "besitos" or kisses from the frog prince. I came around a corner holding a 3 year old and they caught me off guard and frogs smacked me straight in the lips. There was no avoiding my "prince"

at Alondra's XV reception - the boys refused to stay out of the rain and join the fiesta. Instead, they chose to hunt for frogs in the rain with their juice cups. I thought this was hilarious and took pictures instead of telling them to get out of the rain.

Isai with 2 babies

I can't seem to avoid the frogs. The boys always have one or two in their pockets, dead or alive. Yesterday, I was rocking a 3 year old to sleep so he'd take his afternoon nap. I knew he was finally asleep when I heard the frog he was holding fall to the ground. Good lord.

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