Saturday, September 18, 2010

Discussions about the Lord

Lately, I've found myself having TONS of spiritual conversations with my kids.

They ask me things like:
"God has boyfriends right?"
"God is in heaven and he can't come down here."
"God loves everyone right?"
"Is Jesus still alive? Or did he actually die?"
"Is God a boy or a girl?"
"What does God say?"

We've recently had many conversations about how God is all powerful and can do anything He wants. God is omnipresent and can be in a million places at once. We've talked over and over again about the trinity - God is three persons and that is confusing. But God is the Father, Jesus is the son, and the Holy Spirit lives inside the hearts of all those who have Jesus as their Lord and Savior. We've talked about how God loves each and every one of them so so much and that they are God's most favorite child. God loves everyone but especially them. No matter how many times I say it, they still want to say that since God is loving, that means He has boyfriends. The idea that God can be in heaven and on Earth at the same time is throwing a few of them for a loop but we've talked a lot lately about how we can talk to God through prayer. We talk about how God is in control when they are scared in the middle of the night in a dark orphanage dorm and that He is with them.

I've never been a mom before but I'm quickly learning that life is a Sunday school room of sorts. Every moment is an opportunity to point to the Lord. Lately, He's given me a ton.

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Sammy said...

love this. "who is in control?" "dios." "yes now go to sleep". I'm a great parent haha.