Friday, July 10, 2015

Summer FUN

I've got one word to describe this summer.... FUN!

One of my jobs here at Back2Back is.... I work with all the mission guests who go to Casa Hogar Douglas (home where I used to live) and it's been a great summer so far.  I've been helping out by doing a lot of our project planning and materials shopping.  I think the employees at Home Depot run in the opposite direction when they see me coming up the isle at this point.  We've installed so many ceiling fans at Douglas this summer that I bought one Home Depot completely out of a certain type of fan. From digging trenches, installing fans, installing mosquito screens on windows, fixing some roofs to installing kitchen shelving... so far our visiting groups have made such an impact.  I love to get things done and I'm very much so looking forward to our next week of guests to help us knock some projects out and get them done.

Back2back's summer is pretty jam packed with American mission teams week after week and one of the best parts of all the craziness of a typical mission trip week with Back2back Monterrey I think is a really good field trip.

One day we brought all the kids from the children's home to a big river with a rope swing and had pretty much the best day ever.
this little guy is ALWAYS the first kid in the river and the last one out

would you believe I flew off this rope swing about 5 times? featured above is my Victor

several of the youngest boys decided that the best way to enjoy a day at the river was to collect frogs and any and all bugs along the river bank

Then there was the time that we went to a Chuck E Cheese type place with an all you can eat pizza buffet and unlimited arcade games. The owners of Incredible Pizza in Monterrey gave us the most incredible and generous pricing packet to make this field trip possible for the children's home.  I pray God blesses them for blessing some of my favorite little ones. 

we drove go carts

played any and every game they had

and won about 30,000 tickets

Also loved the day when we took a roof tarp, covered it with bubbles and went slip n sliding...

What to know the best part?!?!? 

Summer isn't over yet.  It's only July.... more to come.  Stay tuned...

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