Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Exciting News!

Ladies and Gentlemen.... boys and girls... I have exciting news....

No I'm not pregnant... no I'm not engaged... it's better...

I got a HUGE scholarship to attend TCU's TBRI Professional Training Program this fall. 

So what is TRBI you might ask?  Directly from their website...

Developed by Dr. Karyn Purvis and Dr. David Cross at the TCU Institute of Child Development, Trust-Based Relational Interventions® (TBRI®) is an emerging intervention model for a wide range of childhood behavioral problems. It has been applied successfully in a variety of contexts, and with many children for whom numerous other interventions have failed (e.g., medications, cognitive-behavioral therapies.) TBRI® is based on a solid foundation of neuropsychological theory and research, tempered by humanitarian principles. It is a family-based intervention that is designed for children who have experienced relationship-based traumas such as institutionalization, multiple foster placements, maltreatment, and/or neglect. For the past ten years, Drs. Purvis and Cross have been implementing and evaluating TBRI® , and their strategies have proven extremely effective in creating healing environments for children who have come from “hard places.”

If I successfully meet all course requirements - 10 weeks of pre-course homework, the 40 hour on site course in Dallas in October, and then 10 weeks of post-course homework along with some other stuff then I could officially be a certified TBRI educator. 

This is such a HUGE blessing to me for a variety of reasons:
1. I'm so passionate about this research and how I've seen it positively impact the kids I work with
2. I currently teach TBRI principles to B2B staff, children's home caregivers and staff, our local Mexican volunteers, and American group members so it'd be awesome to be certified
3. Show Hope gave me a big scholarship to attend this rather expensive course
4. Dr. Karyn Purvis is incredible and basically the world's leading researcher in not just what can go wrong with kids from hard places but in HOW TO HELP THEM HEAL.  They are teaching techniques to bring healing.  
5.  I get to go officially check out TCU's campus and this program to see if I actually want to get my masters in the future sometime from TCU in Developmental Trauma

So there you have it... Thank you Show Hope for the scholarship.  Thank you Back2Back for supporting this endeavor. Thank you Karyn Purvis for sharing your research and work. 

So in all my spare time (total joke there - I'm SO BUSY this summer) - I'll be completing homework and assignments and quizes.  JOY. 

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