Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Easter Bunny

Last night, I sat my boys down in the living room of our dorm and asked them all if anyone knew why we celebrate Easter.  I told them that Easter was next week, they were about to have 2 weeks off of school (the Holy Week here in Mexico lasts 2 weeks and the entire country takes vacation at the same time) and I asked them what is it exactly that we celebrate on Easter Sunday.

I was shocked at their answers.  They went something like this....

The bunny!!

No... the egg!

No stupid! (punches kid next to him on couch) We celebrate christmas at easter.

We celebrate a gift from God!

Mother's Day!!

Day of the Child!!

Their guesses went on for a few minutes so I finally said that the kid who guessed that it was a "gift from God" was the closest so I asked him what that gift was.  He said, "the gift was love."

I mean he was on the right track but my 10 boys couldn't tell me what we celebrate at Easter.

Finally one of my older boys answered correctly and said that "on Easter we celebrate that Jesus died on the cross."

I then decided to answer my own question. At Easter we don't just celebrate that the Messiah died... we celebrate that he rose and what that means for us as believers.  Because he died and rose - he paid the price for our sins so that we don't have to.  Those of us who believe in Christ take on his righteousness before God.  That's an incredible gift.

Thank you to the Back2Back sponsor family who sponsored our Easter celebration.  We appreciate you.

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