Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wisdom Guided Love

When the going gets tough around here, I'm beginning to think that the smart get weak.  By that I mean, the intelligent turn to God and surrender to his leading instead of trying to toughen up within their own strengths like we are so quick to try to do when surrounded by struggle.

I recently re-listened to a message by Jedd Medefind, the president of the Christian Alliance for Orphans.  He says that "wisdom guided love" knows the worlds' brokenness and it's own brokenness and still chooses to act.  We must choose to act despite the worlds' brokenness.  Wisdom guided love flows from the gospel itself.  Because in the gospel we know that we do not have all the answers in ourselves.  We do not have to justify ourselves.  We can admit our flaws and failures.  We can admit that we are still learning.  Because we have been loved passionately by God, we can passionately love others.

I want this to be true of myself - to keep choosing to act.  This world is broken.  And ministry in a broken world can all too easily leave one feeling broken right along with everything and everyone.

Ministry these days feels like I'm walking out onto a battlefield every single hour of every single day.  You know the battlefield scenes in movies like The Patriot.... where they all line up and just get shot at from point blank range.... well that kind of sums up how my life feels right now.  If we are to smart in battle we need to be weak in ourselves, in our ideas, in our efforts - and need to be strong in the Lord - in His promises, in His strength, in His power and in His timing.

Please pray for me this week.  I need it.

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