Thursday, January 26, 2012

Where the Wild Things are

There is just something about my boys' silliness and wild outbursts of laughter, jokes, spinning in circles uncontrollably, pretending to fly while landing flat on their faces and blowing bubbles in their milk that I absolutely love.

This past week another one of the orphanage workers noticed how energetic and down right crazy the boys were acting at dinner. The entire table was uncontrollably laughing and goofing around, pretending to make farting noises and doing everything except eating their dinner. At multiple points, I the "adult in charge" just sat back and laughed with them. The other caregiver said, "what in the world did you give them?!!?!?" I like to think that I'm giving them a plateful of attention, with a glass of my own jokes, a spoonful of stories and the freedom to have some imagination.

These precious little boys can't even be serious when they are on the toilet. After dinner, I had a whole army singing about spiders and swaying back and forth as they sat on the toilets, 3 pre-schoolers all in a row singing and swaying like drunken miniature pirates.

I'm finding that all too often, orphans lose their playfulness, joy and imagination far too prematurely for their physical age. They grow up too fast because their abandonment forces them to. I'm grateful to see evidence of the contrary every now and again... even if it means a little chaos.

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Sammy said...

oh how i do love our drunken miniature pirates :)