Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The impossible

It is with extreme excitement and joy that I post the following prayer request....

We now have reason to believe that with the new laws in the state of Nuevo Leon regarding the rights of minors living in orphanages, several of the sweet little faces I see everyday might become adoptable sometime in the next few months or years. I am not known by anyone to be patient. I don't exactly have the best track record in "waiting patiently for the Lord" like the Bible tells us to do over and over again. But I do believe God is answering some of my prayers and some of your prayers with this advancement. What was once impossible - to actually see a parent's rights to a child who they haven't visited or provided for in YEARS be severed - is looking and sounding like it might actually be possible. You see, many of the sweet children I care for daily have spent years of their lives without being visited by a single family member. Yet, those same family members - mom or dad - still hold the parental rights to the child - which leaves the child stuck in an orphanage for their entire childhood and without the legal "go ahead" to be considered "adoptable." To me, that is a crime. These sweet children need to have their rights defended and at some point have their "voice" be legally heard.

Thus, would you join me in trying to be ardent in prayer and to wait with eager anticipation for God to open some legal doors for my favorite orphans out of 170 some odd million orphans around the world? Some of my little men, will never go live with their families. They will never know what it would have been like to grow up in a family. They will never have their "mom" or "dad" attend a school function when all the other parents come to celebrate their children's accomplishments. But if the new law is enforced and their individual cases examined, I do believe that with God's hand moving some things around, some of these precious children could become adoptable. Please pray with me.


Jaimee said...

Praying with you. And the picture at the top of your blog is beautiful. I'm so thankful you have responded to His call.

Anonymous said...

Praying this since I was in Mexico for the first time in 2007