Friday, February 11, 2011

Kappa Sigma Douglas

Sometimes I feel like I'm the house mom for some kind of fraternity house for little boys when I'm supervising the kids at Casa Hogar Douglas. It's a strange brotherhood they have. They are loyal only to siblings and to those boys who live in their particular dorm. Sometimes the primario dorm tries to steal stuff from the pricipiantes dorm and vice versa. If a boy from a different dorm tries to sit on the couch and watch tv inside the dorm that is not his own - the other boys yell at him and tell him that he has to leave. If a girl enters, they all yell and tell her to leave immediately <-- not fitting for college boys but after all - they are little boys. Girls are not allowed according to these little rascals.

For Israel's 8th birthday - I let the boys play monster truck racing on my N64 for the first time ever. Israel made it very clear that this was perhaps the best day of his life.
All the rest of the boys piled around the tv to take turns racing in 2 player mode. I giggled at how entertained they were and immediately thought to myself, "what a strange fraternity house this is."
At times, they turn the bathroom into a roller skating rink. And parade around like they are the kings or superheros of the world.
They ride bikes inside.
They go for joy rides.
And then there are the themed costume parties - like the village people party that I laughed at last week...
yes - YMCA anyone?
go ahead - show them your best stud face Oziel
"Reach for the sky!!!" -- says Alex doing his best Woody impression after breakfast

how I love and adore each of them...

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