Monday, January 17, 2011

Freezing Fun

Last week was really cold and it rained a ton in Mexico. We had no snow but when it is below 5 degrees Celsius, the kids do not go to school (Mexican version of a "snow day") because the public schools have no heaters and they think it's wrong for kids to sit in a classroom that is around 40 degrees F or below. Most buildings here have no insulation or climate control. So if it is cold outside, it is around the same temperature inside buildings.

But thanks to some fun winter clothes donations from my cousins, the boys were not only warm and styling but also laughing because they thought their clothes were so fun.

Oziel laughed for at least an hour while playing with his puppy dog puppet gloves and beanie. He put on a rather violent puppet show where dogs eat other children and then attack each other.
Alexis and Isai listened to me and showered when I asked them to without me having to ask them multiple times so they got first pick of the new PJs I had brought. Once they realized that these PJs were glow n the dark - they turned the dorm lights on and off for the next 2 hours just so they could see themselves glow. The bathtime/bedtime routine is never chill when you have 10 boys under the age of 7 but this night was especially crazy as you can imagine. 2 other boys had glow n the dark pirate PJs. On an extremely positive note for their full time caregiver - Katy - the older boys are now running to be the first to bathe and follow instructions so they can have first pick of the the PJs which is a huge improvement.

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