Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Brown Bear Brown Bear what do you see?

Few things this past Fall have surprised me more than my boys' new found love for reading. The other day, I went to Douglas to say hi to my boys because I had been gone for a week and I honestly just needed to kiss their sweet little faces. Oziel saw me and yelled, "CAROLINE!!!! You are going to take me home with you right?!" He was super excited to see me and automatically assumed I'd take him away from the orphanage. I told him no, not this time. So he immediately started jumping up and down with excitement and yelled, "Okay!!! You are going to read to me!!!!!!!!!!! Lots of books!!!!!" The 2nd best thing he can think of in his life - other than leaving the orphanage - is for me to read to him.... wow.
So of course we read about 20 books. They love Brown Bear Brown Bear what do you see? And The very hungry caterpillar and Dr. Seuss books.
At first, I only read to the boys when I was with them one on one. I was afraid the dorm full of hyperactive little boys would rip the pages out or color the pages. To my surprise, they respect the books and take turns sitting in my lap and turning the pages. They'd rather read books than watch my endless supply of movies.
My little man above can quote the entire book on command now. He says all the words right along with me as I read. It's nice though to know some "poetry" in spanish for when he's upset or wont go to sleep because it immediately calms him down and he laughs.

If you find some Veggie Tales books in spanish - the kids would love them. I only have one of those but it puts the Bible on a level they can understand. This week I will introduce Captain Underpants to the older boys thanks to my sweet friend who buys the boys books. Can't wait to see their reaction.

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Anonymous said...

Have you heard of the Jesus Storybook bible? It comes en Espanol and I thought of it when you mentioned Veggie Tales. I know this post is a little older but if you're still looking for books I'd be happy donate some of these for the boys! If you want them let me know where I can ship them.