Sunday, October 31, 2010

Food Day Costumes

No this is not a halloween post but they are all in costume... so it seemed appropriate today.

About 2 weeks ago, I went to an assembly at the pre-school that my Douglas kids attend. It was like international peace for countries day and Mexico's national day of food. Thus, the kids dressed up like different countries or food.

Angel as olive, Fatima as a strawberry, Lidia as an apple, Marta as a strawberry, Alex as Africa, Oziel is corn, David is france, Marcos is a carrot, Jared is Japan and Aldahir an egg
This was my invitation from the school as their "parent"
My little king of corn
they danced around and were presented by class
Alex was africa. this is how his worker painted his face. I was expecting something more like a tiger face or african face mask when i gave her the face paint the day before.... but this was better. We told Alex that if he would sing "waka waka eh eh this is africa" when they introduced his country that we'd buy him a bag of chips but he didnt come through.
In the middle is david as France, Alex as south africa i think? and Sophia as some other country.

It was fun to be their mom for the day at school and make them feel special and take pictures of them like the other parents were doing. Oh how I love them.


Sammy said...

bahahahhaa LOVE it!

hope said...

This is great! I've never see corn costumes! Too cute! ... I might want to be an egg for the next costume party :)