Friday, November 1, 2013

Photo of their soccer field

In my previous post, I said I'd post a picture of their field.  Well here it is.

On this day, it was cloudy and rained a bit but you still get the idea.

One of the teams in this picture is doing a million sit ups and push ups.  The boys were not enthused but hey - at least they are getting a good work out multiple times a week.

Participating in this league is not only giving them an opportunity to socialize with non-orphanage kids, coaches and parents but it's also challenging them and stretching their understanding of commitment, responsibility, hard work, diligence, team work, what it feels like to win and also to lose.  This has been a real struggle for many of the boys.  They do not have much experience in anything that involves a real commitment.  You can't just choose to not go to practice one day and then the next day because you just don't "feel like it" decide to not go to practice.  The boys don't have a good understanding of how being part of a team works.  About half of the boys who were initially enrolled already quit the league.

Want to help?
1.  Pray for the 12 who are still participating in the league to stick this out and to learn what it feels like to finish something they've started.
2.  Pray that God would bless the man and his family who have paid for this opportunity.  His name is Enrique.

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